We are thrilled to announce the launch of the official HEREDITARY project website! This marks our first article on the new platform, dedicated to updating you on our progress and achievements.

HEREDITARY, the European Union-funded project dedicated to advancing the integration of multimodal health data, marked a significant milestone in June 2024 with the presentation of its first deliverables and the celebration of the second plenary meeting of the project. Held online, this meeting brought together the project’s consortium of 18 partners. Hosted by the coordinators, Universitá degli Studi di Padova (UNIPD), the meeting included updates on all Work Packages (WPs) and provided an overview of the project’s progress and direction, after the first 6 months of activity.

It has been several months since the inception of the project, and we are proud to report significant strides forward. These include the successful launch of our Data Management Plan (Deliverable 1.1), Quality Assurance and Self-assessment Plan (Deliverable 1.3), Ethical Guidelines (Deliverable 2.1), the Design of neurodegenerative use cases (Deliverable 2.16), Communication, Dissemination, IP Management and Exploitation plan (Deliverable 8.1), and the establishment of our presence across social media platforms and website.

These developments form an arsenal that leaves the project well-positioned to implement its research activity and advance the frontier of knowledge in data, genetics, and health.

Nevertheless, the progress of the HEREDITARY consortium during these first 6 months has gone beyond that: the entire consortium became familiar with the rules for EU-funded project management and monitoring; significant progress was made in multimodal analytics, federated learning, and learning platform; related projects and initiatives were identified to drive project’s liaisons; and the first interviews of HEREDITARY voices were conducted.

The HEREDITARY project was launched in January with a Kick-Off Meeting hosted by UNIPD, HEREDITARY is funded by the Horizon Europe Programme for Research and Innovation under GA No 101137074. The project aims to optimise disease detection, response treatment, and exploration of medical knowledge in neurodegenerative and gut microbiome disorders, by developing a secure distributed system for multimodal health data linkage. Check out our three main objectives here!